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Plane crashes and Pilot fates documentation during 2nd World War 30 km around Heidelberg

 Many years have passed since both World Wars have ended but up to this date there are many signs telling the stories and fates from many soldiers. Through the documentation the World Wars shall not be glorified. My interest is to make it transparent and visible to everyone by investigating and  searching for tracks of what had happened to the soldiers. This documentation is based on interviews with war members, public information, Excavation attendees,  original pictures, personal excavation pictures and field investigations at original Scenes. I wasn’t able to investigate all crashes within a 30 km radius of Heidelberg due to the plurality of plane crashes from all nations participating in the war. There are still innumerable pilot fates that are still unsettled. In this documentation you will also find plane crashes from sites in Fürth and Michelstadt in Odenwald, Karlsruhe, Worms, Stuttgart, Pforzheim and Landau. Should you have any information about the documented crashes or other crashes you know of, I would appreciate any information about them.

 Documentation by Klaus and Torben Deschner

Copyright by Klaus Deschner

Edition 3 Walldorf / Baden 2017