Nr.42 Lancaster Pilot: Sgt. R.A. Knight, Absturz: 5/6.09.1943 bei Rheingönheim/ Ludwigshafen, 9 Squadron.


Flugzeugtyp: Lancaster I

Flugzeugkennung: # R5744, WS-E

Pilot: Sgt. R.A. Knight


Einheit: 9 Squadron

Datum: 5/6.09.1943

Uhrzeit: unbekannt

Angriffsziel: Operation Mannheim

Absturzursache:  Vermutlich Flak

Absturzort: Bei Rheingönheim auf der Westbank des Rhein, 3km S von Ludwigshafen

Status: 7KIA

Heimatflughafen: Bardney

Klaus Deschner


  1. Flt Sgt Reginald Knight was my Uncle. I was born 12 years after he died, so did not know him, but I did know his wife – my Aunt – Maisie Knight. I remember her very well. She was a completely broken woman, living as if she was stuck in the 1940s.
    I know where Flt Sgt Knight is buried, and I know the general area where his plane came down. I know Reginald was buried in Ludwigshafen and was then moved to Durnbach. But are there any records of exactly where in Rheimgonheim his plane crashed, or of how he crashed, or of where he was initially buried please?

    • Hello Mr.Crosby,
      thank You for the contact to me.
      Sorry, but i have only this information where I have in the page, not more detail.
      I’m sorry to not be able to help.
      5 years ago I visit the War Cemetery in Dürnbach and I visit the grave of your uncle.


    • Hello Mr. Crosby,
      i did talk with a friend of my, he is a plane Crash researcher in the Pfalz area, he have more Information about the Crash.
      he will go in touch with you.

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